10 Fast Tips for Better Emails


WritingBetterEmails1) Send them either a few hours after work starts or a few hours after lunch ends.

Think about when you are most overwhelmed with emails. Avoid being stuck in that sea of emails as much as possible by scheduling out your emails at less stressful times.

2) Your subject line is the most important reason they’ll either open or not open.

There’s no shame in testing several subject lines. You may have heard of A/B testing. All this means is you’re sending the same email out but with one single change (like a subject line) is different for half of the emails.

3) Have a habit of sending useful emails, not sales pitches.

Really, who likes spam? Send emails you would like to get. Entertain, educate, just reconnect or give some other advantage.

4) Make sure your formatting is easy to read.

I know someone who still sends me a giant wall of text for their emails, no paragraphs. I don’t read it because it’s very difficult to scan read or to stop and start without completely losing your place.

5) No glaring neon colors please, it looks like a kid designed it.

Don’t get carried away with all the colors and images you can add into your e-newsletters or emails. Keep it classy and remember “flashy” design has it’s downsides.

6) Have a professional design a template for you.

A lot of people I know don’t have the time or energy to learn MailChimp or Constant Contact. For you I strongly encourage you to have someone build you a template for your mailings so all you have to do is create a copy of the template and plug in your content!

7) Send something out at least once a month.

And probably no more than once a week unless it’s something super short and sweet. Again, when in doubt, think about how you like to be treated when you give someone your email address.

8) Plan a once-a-month seasonal email ahead of time. Holidays come every year!

Do you have an Easter Sale? Memorial Day? Small Business Saturday event? The holidays come the same time every year, why not plan ahead? If you put it off, by the time that time comes around you might be too busy with your own holiday stuff to remember to send it out. With scheduling options in MailChimp and other services you can make your emails way, way, way ahead of time.

9) Always include some call to action; it doesn’t have to be a giant sales pitch though.

What is the next step for your readers? If you’re not sure, why not experiment with a couple of options (one per email of course) and see what gets you results.

10) Be genuine in your writing.

We have surprisingly great BS detectors. Authenticity likewise resonates better and humanizes you. We prefer to do business with those we like know and trust, so the more genuine you are, the faster you’ll connect with your audience.

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