10 Fast Tips for Better Mailers


winningmailers1) Address the envelope with handwriting.

We love being treated like individuals you care about, not just spammed because we’re on your address list. The more love you give us to show that, the better.

2) Follow through in a full campaign, not just one mailer.

Zig Ziglar tells the story that persistent consistency is the absolute path to success. Curious to hear more? Check out his story about the water pump.

3) Use colors that will interest your customers, not blind them.

We’ve covered a whole series on the emotional value of colors, but there’s a definite difference between a light yellow and neon yellow. Be sure that your colors, while eye-catching aren’t offensive to look at.

4) Envelopes can have a printed offer on them, check with the post office.

You must have seen envelopes with more than just an address printed on them. Studies have found that adding an offer or some teaser, if done well, can dramatically increase the number of people who open your mailer.

5) Add something inside the envelope that isn’t flat, like a pen.

If there’s a bump in our envelope, we know that means there’s something interesting inside. Like kids during the holidays we’ll open that mailer for the sheer joy of discovery. Just remember to follow through with something interesting in your mailer!

6)Stamps are better than printed red ink postage.

Stamps are perceived as more personal and this can work marvelously along with handwriting the envelopes.

7) Your message should let customers know you KNOW them and their pain.

Always think like your prospect. “What’s my problem right now?” “What’s important to me?” Think of it like a courtship. You don’t walk up to a potential guy you like and say “Hi, I’m a structural engineer, I make $90k a year and I’ve got a track record of great cooking.” Instead you try to get to know the guy, find out his interests, engage him with those interests, etc. Marketing is the same way.

8) Include a call to action that starts a conversation, like offering a free consultation or a free download.

Always always always ask “Whats the ONE thing I want someone to do when they read this?” Not the 20 thousand options they have. Give them one clear action to take and let them know how this helps them.

9) Sign your letters with a colored ink so they know you personally touched it.

Even if you don’t hand write anything else, a real signature at least lets your reader know YOU personally touched this.

10) Follow up your mailers with a phone call.

Lay the ground work in your mailers with a promise to call in a week or so. It sets an expectation and an understanding. Make sure that your call isn’t a sales call so much as a relationship building call. Find out where their problems are. If they’re not ready for you, set the expectation that you’ll call again in 6 months. Be respectful, not pushy. Remember that sales is a service.

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