10% January Discount – Upgrade Your Marketing for the New Year

Marketing_Is_Like_A_Restaurant2Imagine you’re at the grand opening of a new gourmet restaurant. You’ve been waiting patiently to taste the newest hip joint. You’ve heard it’s got a five-star chef in the kitchen and it wasn’t easy to get these reservations.

Are you excited yet?

The matre de calls your name and he takes you… not to an elegantly set table, but to a fold-up card table with second-hand chairs. You’re served water in plastic cups and given paper napkins for your lap.  Okay… so perhaps this is part of its charm, right? But the rooms are bare, empty of any decoration, no ambiance. Everything feels half-finished and wrong.

A server arrives and asks for your order.

“Uh, we haven’t seen the menu.”

“But you’ve read our sign, It’s high-class gourmet food.”

“Yes, but what kind of gourmet food?”

“The five-star kind with ten years serving with Emeril Lagasse.”

“Don’t you have anything?”

The server sighs and tries to give you his best schpiel from memory while handing you a hand written menu that has no prices, no explanation of each meal.

I have a question, given what you’re seeing, how many of you would stick around for this “gourmet food”?

Now imagine the server and matre de are the sales force for your small business. The chef and your food is your products and services.

Branding, marketing, advertising and graphic design are the ambiance, the table setting and the menus.

Sure you can sometimes get by without it, sometimes you can even play it off as ‘part of the theme’ but we as consumers have an certain expectation about what a business should have before we’ll do business with them, before we’ll TRUST them to do a good job.

Image is highly important, both for how we dress and how we dress our businesses.

As owner of Marketing Mechanics and daughter of serial entrepreneurs, I am called to polish company images and help them compete with the big dogs. We provide:

Beautiful graphics, compelling wording, information useful to your clients, brochures, booklets, business cards. We also develop websites YOU can control, customized to look gorgeous and filled with content your prospects are looking for. We discuss the best places to reach your prospects: mailers, digital ads, magazines, tradeshows, and so on, all while empowering you with the tools to sell your business to a bigger, better audience.

But I do even more than that. I look out for you. One of my customers, Charlie, was receiving tricky mailers saying he needed to transfer his web domain before “it expired”. It was a scam that would have cost him hundreds of dollars because he just didn’t know better.  Jennifer went from getting no website response and having slow periods to tripling her business in three years thanks to her new marketing materials. Adam went from spending $9,000 on web advertising to spending only $1,000 a year while doubling his response rate.

I know who gets hurt when a small business’ marketing fails: you, your families, and the families of those you employ. So if you’re looking to get out of your sales-rut, reach bigger, better customers or invigorate a new business idea, I’ve got great news for you.

For the month of January I’m offering a special “New Year, New You” discount on all the services you might be interested in. Just mention this blog post for a 10% discount from now until 02/01/2014.

This discount is also good for any of your friends, family or colleagues. Share this post! Not only will they get the discount, but you get 10% of the first project they do with me as a referral reward, in cash! Not a discount, not a gift certificate. Cash.

More important than the cash, you’ll be getting or giving the gift of bigger better business. More web traffic, higher paying customers, improved reputation, higher mass appeal and ultimately: MORE PROFIT!

Grab those cards, talk to me after the meeting. I’m Celia Triplett with Marketing Mechanics.

Let’s Tune Up Your Marketing!

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