10 Places to Find Lost Money in Your Business



Not long ago I gave a quick 15 minute marketing coaching session to Sam. Sam is smart, talented and had run her small business for nearly 10 years. So you wouldn’t think she had lost money just laying around, right?

Ten minutes into our coaching she had grabbed her notebook, desperate to write everything I was telling her down. Just in time for Holiday Marketing Month I’d love to share with you what she learned: ten places to find lost money (prospects and clients) in your small business.

Marketing strategy can feel like a cuss word, it can feel like we don’t have the time, energy or resources to handle it. I’m here to tell you that is an outright myth.

The truth is having a plan is one of the most profitable, stress-relieving money builders in your business. (and shhh… here’s a secret: it actually doesn’t have to be super hard!)

How is your money lost?

It’s in all those prospects you never email and past clients you rarely touch base with.

As we wind up for a month all around preparing your holiday marketing strategies, one of the first items we need to look at is our prospects. In Sam’s case, she had lots of past prospects and clients that weren’t on any sort of list. She loved to have repeat customers but they seemed to forget about her after a while, even though they really liked her work. Those clients and prospects weren’t on any list, none at all, so she had no easy way to send an email or postcard out occasionally to remind her favorite people she was still around and eager to help them with their latest projects.

If you do nothing else, build your prospect and client list.

Already have a list? How up to date is it? Are there names and information that need to be added?

Not feeling super savvy? Just create a simple excel spreadsheet with Name | Company | Phone | Email | Address over the top and start filling it in. Better yet, grab an assistant to go through all your past invoices or anywhere else those names and information are floating in the ether. Get them in one location. You’ll be glad you did. Those names and information are GOLD!

Here are some common places you will find your Golden List:

  • Email contact list
  • Phone contacts
  • Old invoices
  • Old requests for information/quotes that never turned into clients
  • Current clients
  • Business cards from networking events
  • Comment cards from talks you’ve given
  • Any old email service you let die or never use (Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Etc)
  • Sign up lists for talks you gave, maybe even people who signed up but never showed up
  • Friends and family

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Find all of your lost prospects and build your list in just 15 minutes a day. Download your FREE copy of Marketing Chill Pill for the tools and guides for  making marketing fun, fast and easy.

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