100 Posts!

I have a problem.  How do I celebrate posting 100 blogs on Into the Fray?  After some extensive market research (otherwise known as asking my brother) I was given the following advice: Why not do an Oprah and give away a new car?

That was it! It was brilliant! A new car, why didn’t I think about that??  So here it is folks, your Brand. New. Car!

This baby has a top speed of 15 mph when going down a super tall ramp!  Sleek design, comfortable all-plastic seating!  The latest in safety standards for people a half-inch tall. It’s all one lucky winner’s when they post a comment below!

But in all seriousness, thank you for reading.  I’ve had a blast writing these posts. It’s helped force me to be more attentive to what it is I’m really doing as a marketer.   I already have several more ideas for content and intend to keep going.


What have I been up to? Well, besides my ‘day job’, I’ve been whipping up illustrations for Environmental Compliance Source’s training class “The Knights of ISO” which has really taken off in popularity.  Likewise another illustration where ECS offers a solution to our city’s downed bridge problem by catapulting Santa across the Ohio river so Christmas can continue.

Jen “So then you open up the Christmas card and there’s the reindeer getting ready to catapult Santa.”
Me “What happened to the, you know, flying sleigh thing?
Jen “Don’t be silly, do you know all the regulations that thing is breaking? Santa went Mac Truck years ago.”
Me “Oh, well then, in that case I’ll get working.”


I’ve also been helping another nonprofit in my spare (hehehe spare) time called School Resource Network.  The website is now up and I’ll soon have them set to accept online donations.  If you’re interested in giving the gift of education to kids in Kentucky, this is a great place to go.  Debbie Pollard and her committee are such inspirations!

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