10 FREE Creative Fonts You Might Like

Folks around my area, Louisville, KY and New Albany, IN (lovingly called Kentuckiana) often ask me about getting more unusual fonts for their fliers and PowerPoint slides. Small businesses and solo-preneurs often fall into the trap of using tired over used fonts like Impact, MS Comic Sans and Brush Script for decorative text, titles and even *gasps* logos!

Nothing could be further from professionalism. Sure, these fonts are useful in small doses, but don’t get bogged down into only using the preinstalled fonts from Microsoft Office! It’s easy to install new fonts and there are plenty of free for commercial use fonts out there!

Here are eleven fonts I’ve been using recently all from Fontspace.com. Some other great font links include http://www.fontsquirrel.com/ and http://www.freepremiumfonts.com.

Great for anyone looking for a handwriting-like script font that’s still clean and friendly. Might be useful for a bakery as well.

Gothic, a little creepy perhaps a little cooky, this font is perfect for Halloween!

For a big open font that makes you think ‘Disney’ try Big Winks.

Create for a sketched in, handmade feel. Not only good for cafes but also idea generators, bakeries, eateries, and even daycares!

A bolder handwriting font for more impact without feeling overdone.

Tired of using Brush Script Italic? This is more legible, softer and beautiful.

For a slightly worn look, try this bold font.

A good all-purpose bold font to use in place of Impact or Arial Bold.

A slightly more whimsical serif font, goes well with paragraphs of Times New Roman.

When you want a delicate font that isn’t Arial or Helvetica, this is a great alternative!

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