Review: Platform by Michael Hyatt

b2ap3_thumbnail_platformDown and Dirty: 4 out of 5

While it glances over several other important marketing focuses, Platform does go deep into building a digital platform using websites, blogs and Twitter.

Michael Hyatt’s book Platform is a great introduction to a lot of basics when it comes to blogging, developing a solid website and interacting digitally using media like commenting and Twitter.

It touches on many other facets of marketing but doesn’t go as in depth with them. Topics include how to get ideas for blogs, guest post, build relationships with customers and venders, develop a great product and more.

Because it touches on a lot of the parts necessary for creating a solid marketing presence, Platform will be a great book to start with. However if you want to go into deeper detail about how to drive digital customers to you and make the best of that I recommend Free Marketing by Jim Cockrum as he goes into deeper detail in this.

This book didn’t talk a whole lot about getting customers or building a customer base. It didn’t talk a lot about content creation except blogs and tweets. It didn’t talk about how to highlight unique selling points or build a relationship online.

The best I got out of it were the detailed step-by-step how-tos of blogging and twitter as well as how to monitor your reputation online and keeping a good handle on comments.

Maybe others will get more out of this book. There were certainly enough gems to make it worth a read. However if you’ve been reading all the other books I’ve reviewed you’ll find a lot of the information repeated or only a glance rather than the deep delving we might be hoping for.

Read it for the inspiration of ideas, because you –will- get some great ideas. Something about how Hyatt writes can highlight a concept of a single little detail in a way that makes you see a glaring hole in your current marketing strategy.

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