Sales Funnel Step Three: The Sale

SalesFunnel_MakingtheSaleYou’ve found new prospects, you’ve warmed them up and engaged them. They know about you, who you are and what you do. They know your quality and your beliefs and resonate with what you offer.

But they’re not buying.

So now what?

Now we need to put on our big-girl panties and take that leap into sales. This is where some one-on-one training, especially if you can find people willing to let you practice your sales call with them, can be of great help. Finding a local Toastmasters group, reaching out to SCORE for a free mentor, finding friends, family and mentors are all excellent methods for this. There are of course many training programs out there, but nothing beats one-on-one practice.

You might be doing this over the phone, through email or in-person. In most cases e-mail is the least effective sales method. It’s great for warming people, but not for engaging them in a sale. Phone calls are the second least effective. It’s difficult to connect with the other person. In-person sales calls are by far the most effective sales tactic. I recommend a mixture. Using a phone call to set up an appointment, establish a need – and then offering a solution to that need in an in-person consultation.

There are many great books and training courses on sales, which is not my line of expertise. However I will give you one final bit of advice when you’re on a sales call:




MAYBEs will leave you dangling for days, months or even years. MAYBEs will have you scrambling around wasting time and effort when nothing you do will satisfy. MAYBEs are polite NOs that we as people have a hard time accepting and want to fix and turn into a YES.

Accept that a NO isn’t always a bad thing It means you’re now free to look for others who will say YES without wasting your time on the NO person anymore. It’s the MAYBEs that will kill your company.

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