5 Signs You’re a Ninja Blogger (And Didn’t Even Know It)


ninjabloggerYou’re already blogging and don’t even know it.

If you’ve been following me on Facebook you know that I’m down in Asheville, NC at a business building retreat with my very best and favorite coaches. I’m also surrounded by some of my best business friends in the world, friends I get to share meals with and talk in depth about their marketing.

So color me surprised when I realized that multiple of these savvy, happening women were struggling with their blogging. One blogged irregularly and was debating on whether she was going to force herself into a habit or just stop altogether while another friend hadn’t updated her two-post-blog in years.

Sound familiar?

I’ve heard this a lot in my travels among many busy, overworked women entrepreneurs. Running a small business is a lot of work and it can be easy to see blogging as just another time sink. But what if you’re already blogging and you don’t even realize it?

Here are five signs you might be “ninja blogging” and have lots of golden content waiting at your finger tips:

1) You’ve ever been in a car with someone and they suddenly said “Holy crap you’re a genius!” all the while you were asking “Uh what? That’s just common sense, right?” Congratulations, you just spoke out loud a blog post!

2) You’ve ever had to answer a client or prospect’s question via email. Congratulations, with a few minor edits to protect identity, you just wrote a blog post!

3) You’ve ever been at a party or networking event and someone dragged their friend into a conversation saying “Sally here was just telling me the most amazing thing. Tell her Sally!” Jot whatever is so fascinating (and resonating!) and you’ve got a blog post!

4) You’ve ever taken photos of your work, customers or places you’re serving/speaking at. Congratulations, with consent for the photo subjects, you’ve got a photo blog post!

5) You’ve ever entered into a rant on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc about something in your business that you’re passionate about. Again: You’ve just written a blog post!
6) (Bonus) If you’ve ever prepared a speech, workshop, training course, handout, etc. These all can be converted, often into multiple blog posts!

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