5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing in 15 Minutes


Marketingin15MinutesHave you ever said “I know I should market more but I just don’t have time.”?

What if you could break out of a habit of overwhelm and keep a consistent flow of prospects and leads without having to spend a ton of time on it?

Do you think you could spare 15 minutes a day?

There is a myth going around that says successful marketing takes 4-8 hours every week when running a small business. Many of my clients come to me frustrated, believing that they can’t possibly make positive headway in building a long lasting sales system.

Today I’m going to give you some of the ideas I pitch to them. Ideas that turn stagnation and frustration into something so easy you’ll wonder why you waited so long. But what’s best about these ideas isn’t just the simplicity: It’s the fact that taking steps, even small steps, every day gives you real momentum that REALLY works!

If you’ve signed up to try the October “15-Minute Marketing Challenge” then here’s a great list of ideas to help get you on your way:

Create a list of things you can do in 15 minutes

Okay, this may sound like a no-brainer, but writing the list for the rest of October can feel a lot harder than you think. Chances are if you’ve been stuck in Procrastination Land, this is the root of it. By writing it all out you’re denying the “big bad marketing monster” it’s power and breaking it into small bite-sized pieces.

Don’t skip this step. It’s probably the best use of the first day of your challenge! Heck if the timer runs out and you’re not done, spend two days on this list. It will be worth it in how focused you become during your 15-minute steps.

Create some rocking content

I used to get super stuck with writing blogs because I felt it had to be PERFECT before I could publish it. Now, using the 15-minute technique, I often write a full blog article in one or two sessions. If I’m feeling this is an extra-long blog, I might write out the outline and pull the links I need to refer to for the first 15-minute segment and then flesh it all out on the second. Most times I can punch out a rough but serviceable blog in a single go now.

If you’re not comfortable writing, create an impromptu “candid” video using your phone. Just turn it on,  prop it up on some books and start talking. People LOVE seeing your beautiful face!

Content creation can also go for writing up a couple of Facebook or Twitter posts and then prepping them to post over the next couple of weeks using Hootsuite or Buffer –hooray for automation!

Plan up something BIG

Don’t be afraid to break a big project like writing a book, creating your next awesome workshop or revamping your website into little pieces. If you work on any of these big projects at least 15 minutes a day you’ll find that your procrastination levels and resistance start to melt away and suddenly, as if by magic, that big project is DONE!

For instance, if you have wanted to create a webinar you might break it into the following steps:

  • Brainstorm title
  • Create an outline
  • Research links and resources I need
  • Research the software I want to use
  • Test the software I want to use
  • Fill out the content for the talk
  • Create a tool/worksheet for the talk
  • Put together a list of where I want to promote this talk.
  • Decide a date and time for the talk
  • Create a sign up page
  • Write up some promotional copy for the talk
  • Prep some social media posts
  • Write a promo email
  • Post promo copy onto a flyer
  • Mail flyer / Hand out flyer at networking event
  • Send email to various networking groups to promote event
  • Prep automated emails for sign-ups to have information they need and to remind them of the event.


Just like that in roughly a month you’ve built, promoted and completed a brand new, top of the line and totally organized workshop!

Discover Opportunities

Finds some networking events and schedule going to them. Speak with old friends and colleagues to see if they have partnership ideas or can point you to a place where you can present to potential prospects. Brainstorm new ways to market your business and services.

This is an odd one because in some ways it can feel like you’re not “doing” anything. This is a supplement for every other step you can take. If you don’t have a big email list or a lot of exposure, this is a great place to start. Of course it’s useless if you aren’t committing to actually doing the work, going to the events, and so on.

Be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking you are isolated, alone and can’t possibly find anyone who cares about what you do and how you serve. Chances are there are options you just need someone else to help you uncover.

Be Personal

Okay, so, we’ve all been there, lost connections with old friends, past clients, prospects who said no months or years ago because it wasn’t the right time, networking buddies you never followed up with, and on and on.

In 15 minutes a day you can’t reach many people one-on-one, but sometimes the small personal touches are what breed the biggest referrals and word of mouth results you could wish for. Here are some ideas for 15 minutes of connecting and reconnecting:

  • Call a lead you haven’t followed up on
  • Email 5 people with a proposal, warm letter or follow up
  • Handwrite a thank you note
  • Schedule lunch or coffee with an old colleague
  • Ask if you can be of help to someone
  • Send a quick link to an article of interest or of entertainment
  • Gather up a list of people you can email or write to regularly and then do so
  • Add a little something special into a service or product going out (even if it’s just a little bag of gummies) to your favorite client with a note of gratitude
  • Write and post some holiday cards


If you would like more ideas on how to build your business’ sales success, bring in more clients and do it all while making marketing more fun and manageable then download a free copy of “Your Personal Marketing Chill Pill”

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