Rapid Redesign: LKSA Poster


This is actually a poster that was designed by one of my managers.  He meant well and he was trying to make due with me being swamped, but ultimately I had to step in to help out.  The red has a hard angry feeling to it and classes badly with the blue background.  There’s too much emphasis on Lenny Krayzelburg, when this is a poster designed to promote the swimming program’s merits.

The circles are an attempt and mimicking the feel of the LKSA website, but fall short in their uniformity.  The orange in the bar is nowhere else and neither is that glaring blue.  It severs the design in half.  Finally there is no white space to let the eye rest.  The feeling is a bit cramped and claustrophobic.  The text’s thick black border doesn’t seem to work well and the ‘Developed by 4-time Olympic Gold Medalist Lenny Krayzelburg’ is lost being a thin black text over his chest.

So! Since this would be the starting inspiration for all the other design pieces, I stepped in to adjust the poster.


I spent about an hour adjusting the creation file.  First things first, the goal was to use similar graphic elements from the LKSA website.  Well, they don’t use heavy bars, they use wavy bars.  So gone is the bar that harshly cuts the poster in half and now we’ve got some water-like curving lines.  I kept the blue but softened it to mat the pol water.  Since that all-important tag-line has to be somewhere I have it some bold text appeal at the top.  As you can see the goal was to severely reduce the amount of red.  I didn’t want to get rid of it entirely because the logo uses red.  This new distribution of the color helps move the eye around without being overwhelming.

Since they wanted to use that gold-orange color, I added a second use for it – testimonials!  These were so amazing I felt they belonged on the promotional poster.  By shrinking one of the circles and giving them a tiered effect they become more ‘alive’ and moving.  Lenny has less emphasis but you can actually read his descriptive title since I used a thicker text and made it white.  Because we’ve made the bottom area white, the eye will rest there to read those testimonials and the “Your First Lesson Is Free!” has significant impact since it ties the entire poster together color-wise.

You might notice I removed “Introducing” entirely.  This is a poster that’s supposed to be used for years.  It’s not going to be relevant to say “Introducing” after a month!  The logo is now on the left and since we read left to right a person just scanning the poster will see the logo if they see nothing else.  That’s great for memory retention if we expose them to similar promotional material over and over.

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