A Coupon In Disguise

Check out this clever marketing coupon from a healthy food vending machine company. It looks like a certificate but it’s actually a coupon!  It offers to install one or more vending machines FREE, waive the standard minimum vends and the 45-day waiting person.  Additionally this company offers grant money to businesses that install these machines.  (This may be specifically geared towards facilities that vend towards children, I’m not sure but it would explain the grant money.)

The whole thing is made to look like, perhaps, a grant certificate would look which does exactly what you would hope it would in one’s mentality. It’s like looking at printed money, you can visualize what the end result of signing up will be.

This coupon certificate (not sure what to call it?) also has a sign-up form at the bottom where signatures would normally go.  This feels to me like it makes the whole sign-up process prestigious.  Well done, Fresh Healthy Vending, well done.

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