A Different Approach

Your big competitors have template manuals and possibly outsourced marketing.  What do you have? Being a small business your company doesn’t steer like the Titanic, unable to avoid a massive iceberg of a commercial problem.  Instead you’re nimble and have little to no red-tape.  When decisions need to be made, you can do it in a hurry.

Why not use this flexibility to your advantage?

Chances are your customers know you’re small.  They may even choose you for being small and therefore more responsive to their needs.  Consider rather than focusing on a monthly beautifully done mailer, sending unusual promotions.

What if you sent out five post-it notes a day in an envelope?  Nothing special, just a handwritten note on a bright post-it.  Or perhaps a short letter or thank you?  What if you sent out an emailer that was nothing but a story about something interesting that happened in business?  No photos, not fancy graphics.  Something to the point.

If you doodle while on the phone – why not turn those doodles into something to send out? Scanned or just mailed, they add a personal touch.  You’re all about personal, right?


Designer Challenge: Make something personal. You may not touch many, but if you make the right impression, you will create ambassadors that will sell yoru company for you!

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