A Little Something Extra

Recently one of the books I read came with a surprise inside: a nice quality laminated bookmark. You might say this is no big deal and even point out that the bookmark was covered in promotional material for the book, the book’s company and the book’s social media.

If it’s so minor, why haven’t you done it?

In Seth Godin’s “Free Prize Inside” and many other books I’ve reviewed authors talk regularly about the need for a little something extra, a little something special and unexpected. The fact that it further cements our marketing is a good thing, not something to be scoffed at.

Maybe for you it’s not a bookmark. Maybe you’ll be like Dan Miller who puts 48 mints into his “48 Days to the Work You Love” products. Maybe you’ll be like one of my aunt’s vendors who sends a pack of gummy bears with every invoice. Maybe you’ll send out a Thanksgiving card to your customers instead of a generic ‘happy holidays’ card.

Whatever it is, don’t forget to do a little something extra to cement a positive experience in your customer’s minds.

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