MM_Logo_Color_SmallEspecially if you’re just starting out, there is going to come a point in the marketing process that you are going to give up. You are going to have 101 completely logical reasons why you can’t write that promotional copy or can’t make that marketing plan. They will be understandable reasons like family needs, schedule changes or last minute business calls.

But the problem is you won’t just set them aside for a few hours or days.

You’ll quit.

I know because I’ve done it many times myself. There just comes a point when some barrier is easier to avoid than tackle and we find so many other things to take up our time. We “get busy avoiding” something.

So what can we do?

I can tell you what works for me, and you can try to find what works for you. For me it’s having multiple accountability partners. You hear that term a lot with goal setting or life changes like weight loss. Why not for marketing or other business things?


Here’s a real life example:

I’m working on launching a business soon called Marketing Mechanics. I’ve made a logo, I’ve ordered business cards, gotten a PO Box… but I haven’t written the promotional text to use for brochures and the website.

I’ve written books of information on business structure and customer profiles and mission statements, but not the promotional copy.

This is … sort of important to have! Here my mother stepped in, being a business owner and working closely with me on these steps. She has gently but firmly reminded me on several occasions that I must get this done. When I finally churned something out to simply get her to leave me alone she returned it with edits and a ‘You wouldn’t accept this for your clients would you?’ … Gosh darn it she was right. So I read my crappy first draft, revised it and now it’s off again for review.

I could have gone months without getting this done. There are still lots of other things I could be doing to avoid writing the promotional text, but it’s something that –needs- to be done sooner rather than later. Thanks to my accountability partner, I’m well on my way to finishing that step.

Consider finding some people in your life who will be your partners. It goes both ways of course, you get to be their Jiminy Cricket when they fall off the wagon, but that’s a good thing. It reminds us all to be vigilant and attentive and more focused on reaching our goals.

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