Adventures with Yelp: Why I’m in Love

When it comes to apps, it’s easy to get inundated. I have tons of apps that I’ve installed only to delete soon after or relegate to dusty folders in the back of my iPhone.  But Yelp… Yelp is a different story.

First of all Yelp has been around for some time now and is quite the renowned force for word-of-mouth reviews offering the good, the bad and the ugly of restaurants, entertainment venues and more. Not usually something I would get super involved with given my word of mouth network is pretty strong in my hometown and I don’t need to find a more knowledgeable source.

But in Nashville? A whole different story. Downloading Yelp’s app was an amazing experience. It offered reviews, hours, directions, a map integration feature, additional links for website and information. It was just overall a very user-friendly and dynamic app.

I finally understand why Yelp has become so important in our marketing culture. It’s a user friendly stop with tons of information. If you have a business that is at all B2C, find yourself on Yelp and start working on improving on your reviews!  No, I’m not saying start ‘stuffing the ballot’, but if you see negative reviews, find out what happened and fix the problem. This is a great service for businesses too, since it gives a good pulse on your end-user experience and how you’re being perceived. Don’t like the reviews? Change how you’re acting!

But on the other hand, if you’re not seeing many reviews, there’s nothing wrong with making mentions in your newsletters or at other points for people to mention you on Yelp!

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