Are Logo and Design Contests A Bargain?

logoIt’s become increasing practice for companies to spec out a design project and pit multiple designers against each other in hopes of getting the best design possible for the lowest cost.

But there are some pitfalls for this. First, keep in mind that design work does take time. The promise of a few hundred dollars that a designer might get, no guarantee, is in effect creating a sweat-shop mentality. Consider for a moment your own product or service. Would you work for 10+ hours on something for the possibility of being paid, no guarantee?

If you are considering creating a design contest, please read up on what makes a contest fair and ethical as well as why contests aren’t always the best choice. There’s a wonderful movement called “No!Spec” that has begun shining a light on the flaws behind ‘free’ and ‘cheap’ design, photography and other spec work.

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