Attitude is Infectious

Emotion affects your voice, your body language and the way you react to people. Others can pick up on signs of bad attitude even when you’re trying to mask it with a false smile. If a musician is having a bad day, you can hear it in their song. When I’m stressed I can’t make a proper ceramic pot to save my life.

So how can design be any different?

If you want the most knock-out, exciting designs for your company keep yourself or your designer inspired. Bring enthusiasm to your design firm, radiant the joy of your product of service. This is the most sure fire way to get a design that conveys the same message to the customer.

Stuck in a rut? Angry?
Turn on some music, take a walk – refresh yourself in some way. Remind yourself about the great things in life when set backs happen. You’ll be amazed at the difference re-centering your heart and soul can do for attracting clients.

Advertising Viral Amazement
I mentioned recently a visit to my favorite fireworks store, Phantom Fireworks. They’ve done an amazing job with marketing that I’d love to talk about later, but for now let me talk about their newsletters. Every few days I receive a newsletter highlighting an employee’s favorite fireworks and recommendations. When I was at the store, one employee exclaimed “You think you’ve got great fireworks now, but wait til you let ME fill your cart.” Displays had been set aside just for employee picks, matching some of their newsletter promotions.

Talk about exciting! I bought several models of pyrotechnics that I’d never have touched because, frankly, the product labels didn’t appeal. But hearing them talk about what it looks like OUTSIDE of the box and how they would stake their reputation on my satisfaction.

That’s infectious design.


Designer Challenge: Think back to when you were first psyched about jumping into a small business and recapture those moments. Kindle your excitement, talk about the greatness of it all. THEN try to make some design concepts. I’d wager you get significantly better results.

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