Be Careful Where You Put Your Brand

Last week a car swerved into my lane, squeezing between my car and the car in front of my brother and I. There wasn’t enough room so my brother had to slam my brakes. On top of that the driver didn’t even have signal on, nor did they use one again when they jetted into another lane, speeding like a demon down the highway. Bonus, as my brother drove us closer so I could take a picture for this blog was that I saw a big dent in the side of the car.

Why was I taking a picture?

This car was wrapped in a giant Pepsi logo.

At first I assumed that this was an official Pepsi car and that my blog would be about how you should monitor and train your drivers to represent your brand everywhere, especially on the road.

However, as I got a look at the interior of the car, I revised my assumption. It’s possible that this was a prize-car won through a Pepsi contest. Even if that’s the case, talk about a branding fail.

I’m sure, whichever is the case, Pepsi doesn’t want to have hundreds or thousands of these kind of incidents happening to ruin their brand reputation – but by wrapping that car with their logo, they’ve given the driver full permission to do just that.

So be careful how you use your logo and who you give the rights to represent you.

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