Black Friday

Welcome to the stampede holiday, in which we see the power of discounts and sales at it’s most impactful. But is it a positive impact? Is it a good thing when steep discounts and severely limited quantities cause a stampede or riot? Yes, you may have created desire, but a marketer’s responsibility is in more than just creating desire. It is also in considering the dignity and safety of their customers.

Seth Godin talks about a company advertising in Africa that their powdered milk was more nutritionally healthy for babies than breast milk. The ads were successful and the powder sold – but babies were dying of malnutrition. Why? Because the families couldn’t afford enough powder, so they were feeding their children diluted versions. The sad part being that the breast milk would have kept those children much more healthy.

We as marketers have amazing power in our honed persuasion skills.

To quote Peter Parker’s uncle Ben “With great power comes great responsibility”

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