Blog Starter Ideas 11-20

Blog_Starter_Ideas_For_Louisville_Small_BusinessFollowing in this week’s theme of helping you get started in your blogging, we have another ten blog starter ideas. These topics can be adjusted to fit your own ideas and needs. Use them as simple guidelines, rather than strict rules.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with your blog, consider creating a less strict blogging schedule. Be realistic about your goals. How often can you really create a relevant post for your viewers? I started this blog as a 5-days-a-week blog and have moved it to a twice-a-week blog because I realized I couldn’t keep up with it. I would recommend at the very least posting a new blog once a month, though most SEO experts recommend at least once a week to keep top-of-mind with search engines.

11. Review a book/movie or relate it to what your company does.

12. Make a list of useful resources for your customers.

13. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

14. Answer Questions that SHOULD Be Frequently Asked, But Aren’t

15. Relate current events to your company.

16. Post about special anniversaries, victories, awards, articles, etc

17. Tell a funny story and what it taught you about… (integrity, the importance of fast service, the value of expensive investments, the folly of not asking enough questions, “you get what you pay for”, humility, attention to detail, etc)

18. Take a photo, use as inspiration.

19. Write stories about how you helped a customer.

20. Write stories about how awesome your customers are (highlight them, watch them share the article!)


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