Blog Starter Ideas 71-80

open_bookGreat search engine optimization (SEO) starts great regular keyword rich content. If you own a small business, especially in Louisville, KY or New Albany, IN and would like help in generating great marketing content please give me a call at (502) 365-5446. If you’re just looking for some more ideas for blogging, you’re in luck! Blogging is a great way to increase your SEO rankings and here are ten more ideas for you to get those posts flowing.

  1. Share food recipes, give them special themed names that fit with your company!
  2. Holiday tips that link with your business. (Beauty salon might give holiday beauty tips. Cookware place might give holiday hosting tips, etc)
  3. Give seasonal advice and reminders about activities your customers and prospect should be preparing for. (Winterizing your pool, gathering up your tax information, how to train for a marathon during winter, etc)
  4. Write about the pros and cons of something.
  5. Make a list of your most successful products/services.
  6. Make a list about the common mistakes made in your niche.
  7. Create a real “why we do what we do” mission statement.
  8. Write about future plans for you or your business.
  9. Give thanks to those who have helped you get as far as you have.
  10. Give thanks to your customers / audience.

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