Blog Starters 51-60

51. Discuss a little known secret about ______.

52. Write something contrary to your business such as “Why NOT to work with us” or “Why we might NOT be a good fit for you.”

53. Blogging for a while? Find old blog posts, update them and record a short video about it! Post the video with a synopsis on your blog (as well as on YouTube!)

54. Turn your PowerPoint presentation(s) into a blog post or two.

55. Tell a funny story.

56. Become a “healer” by finding your customers’ biggest pains and offering solutions and fixing them outright.

57. Get into a disagreement with a customer? Use your blog to write about what you learned.

58. Explain why you use a certain vendor / type of product.

59. Be human; share your personal experiences with your audience.

60. Share some of your favorite bloggers, podcasts, etc

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