Book Review: The Little Big Things by Thomas Peter

Down and dirty: 4 out of 5

A great book for any and everyone involved in self employment, small business or simple self improvement.

Full review: Tom is a master of, as he terms it, “Blinding Flashes of the Obvious.”  That’s what this book is, without a doubt.  However, common sense, as we all realize, is not so common.  Tom brings us through 163 little things we can do to achieve excellence in everything.

I’ve already written one of two blogs as I read, rather listened, to his book.  It’s definitely something better digested in small pieces rather than a single long 9 hour read.  No book so massive can be fully implemented but I would wager even one or two things taken away from this book will be well worth the cost.

My only beef, and the reason for not getting a 100% stellar review, is that Tom has a tendency to use so many quotes and so many asides that keeping track of the point of any single little big thing is a practice in concentration and retention.  This is especially true in the audio book format, though I don’t know if that’s fair – it may be much better organized in the written version.

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