Born to Win Small Business Seminar

b2ap3_thumbnail_borntowinMany of you are aware last week I went to one of the Born to Win Small Business seminars presented by Tom Ziglar and Howard Partridge. I’m a big Ziglar fan and boy am I glad that Ziglar, Inc introduced me to Howard Partridge!

This seminar was well worth attending, in fact a steal for the detail in which it goes. They try to cram in probably 3 days of information in a 1-day seminar, so there’s some things that they can’t really go into, but there’s plenty of additional material you can purchase that will go into depth on various topics.

For someone who is feeling overwhelmed, alone or otherwise confused about how to make their business work for them rather than having a 24/7 JOB, this is for you. There are several other seminars happening all over the country, so if one’s coming near you, snap it up!

Possibly my favorite part was meeting with all the other people that were there to WIN in business. My second favorite was getting to hug both Howard and Tom, they’re very approachable, hehe.

My approach to seminars and workshops is that virtually anything you attend is a learning experience, whether you’ve heard the material or not. So attend all the learning you can. You never know when that sudden AHAH! moment will strike.

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