Brand: How other people perceive your business –
visually and through your messaging.

Have you ever…

  • Caught yourself comparing your logo to another company’s?
  • Found yourself having to explain over and over what it is you do?
  • Felt like you weren’t wording your difference in a way that resonated with your prospects?
  • Realized people only knew about one tiny aspect of your business?
  • Complained that people just don’t “get you”?
  • Regularly wasted time with leads who thought you did something else?

Chances are you have a branding problem – we can help.

When branding is done right it multiplies the success of every marketing strategy you use. Clients come easier with the right message, the right focus and the right visuals (logos) to match.

Think of branding like one very important cog in your marketing engine.

With branding you can speed up prospect building, just like going into second gear speeds up your car. If you have a bad brand, an old brand or one that was never properly set up it hinders your marketing. Just like when a gummed-up cog slows down an entire mechanism.

My clients often come to me with a cheap logo they had done ‘just to have something.’ They’re frustrated at how much work it takes to get a customer because their branding isn’t congruent with who they are, who their ideal clients are, and their unique difference.

If you’ve been feeling like you’re struggling with your marketing branding is the first place to create easy and powerful changes.

Here are a few of the results you can expect from a successful brand creation:

  • Emotional connection with prospects
  • Instant understanding of your business
  • Unifying the tone of all marketing
  • Rallying your fans
  • Increasing name recognition
  • Greater trust because of your clarity
  • Spending less money and getting bigger results because of focusing on ideal clients only
  • An identity that fills you with pride and calls to you and your employees to embody greatness

If this sounds like you, if you’re ready to invest in deeply knowing and powerfully showing your business to the world then one of our branding packages would be a great fit.

Build a Brand that Inspires

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