Can an App LIFT You?

If Farmville, Neopets and their copy cats have taught us anything, it’s that people will put a lot of energy into earning pictures of things that ultimately mean nothing. (Yay I unlocked the orange bubble gum bonsai shrub!)  So what if we took that sort of concept and tied it to, say, working out?

I’ve heard of, but can’t seem to find, an app that uses GPS to monitor how much you exercise in a day and then unlocked surprises as awards for you.  If I made that up, please, please consider making one!

Ultimately what I’m talking about is Lift, an app being developed by the creators of Twitter that proports it can help unlock human potential, especially through the use of positive reinforcement.

I admit I’m hooked on learning more, but the project is still in development.  However, I want to ask if technology has managed to give you positive encouragement on something?

I know I’ve experienced it both with My Total Money Makeover which shows a little car driving through the rough terrain of debt until you come out of the jungles into “FREEDOM!” from debt.  Weight watchers has a powerful weight and measurements chart to show your progress.

BUT those require you to move forward on your own.  Would Lift be something like “Atta boy, you can do it”?

Either way, I really admire The CEO/Co-founder Tony Stubblebine’s response to my application for beta testing.  His last two sentences are powerful reminders of what good marketing looks like:

“If you want to get in touch with us, I’m probably the best person to reach:

Look forward to connecting with you again soon!

Tony Stubblebine”

I mean, honestly, who gives out a direct non-spam-filter email to people?
Marketing Challenge: Brainstorm some ways positive reinforcement can drive your marketing. Have your staff brainstorm (seperately) and submit their own ideas.  Implement one or more.

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    1. Celia Triplett

      I’m not really surprised! Regardless, so few would even bother to make that effort, knowing how many responses they might get. It’s admirable, personal and it resonates with people. Kudos on you!

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