Canvasing Tip: Have a Take-Away

b2ap3_thumbnail_posterboardThere are some events or companies that do best with having posters put up all over the area for promotion. However, there is a disturbing tendency to not make it easy for a viewer to store away your information. Here are a few ideas to make your posters more effective and the response rate higher:

1) Have various lines of the contact information at the bottom of the poster  cut into slips of paper that people can tear away and take with them. The problem with this idea is it makes you look like a yard sale sign and you don’t have a lot of control over the rip. I’ve seen some posters with big corners ripped out because of this tactic.

2) Push pin a couple business cards to the poster that people can remove and take with them. Be aware you’ll have to come back regularly, at least once a week, to replenish the cards because you can’t put a whole lot of cards in a pin.

3) Put a clear pocket sleeve meant for holding business cards on your poster. There are some even meant for brochures. This keeps your pin-board ‘real estate’ down but allows you to still have a lot of cards/information available for passers-by to take.

4) Order post-it notes printed up with the information. I wrote an article about this a while back, but it’s still a genius inexpensive, light-weight way to make your information easy for people to take with them.  The price at Vistaprint has got up to $17 for 5 nice sized pads, but again you can split those into two stacks and still have plenty for 10 posters. Not a bad price!

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