Writing your own content for brochures, websites and other promotional needs can feel like you’re pulling teeth. Maybe you’ve written your own copy up until now and been wondering why people aren’t connecting with it.

Maybe you’re just tired of the hassle.

My clients are often frustrated by the DIY philosophy of content writing because, let’s face it, we’re too immersed in our business to properly convey what makes our business great. We take amazing benefits for granted because for us, that’s just how our real genius work is done.

Wouldn’t it be great to have outside help draw out that genius work and then give it the language to excite your prospects?

Why this works:

In the past, I didn’t include this program in my Gear-Up package because my clients insisted they didn’t need this part. The problem began when they actually sat down to write: Writer’s Block hit them hard. What needed to be pages of effective, compelling copy came back in two uninspiring paragraphs that would neither interest their prospects, help improve their SEO rankings, or get them the sales they so richly deserved.

Worse, they were frustrated, feeling like something was wrong with them because they couldn’t get the words right.

Often when Writer’s Block hits, it’s because our fears are coming up:

  • Fear of being seen as a fraud
  • Fear of being judged
  • Fear of giving too much information and turning people away
  • Fear of giving too little and losing people
  • Fear of imperfection
  • Fear of success

It is totally normal. I’ve been there. I’ve struggled with many of these same fears. What I’ve learned is, when I hit this problem there is one sure-fire solution to help me power through it and reclaim my genius work: outside support.

That’s where I come in.

I’m your outside eye who can draw out the amazing super powers of your business and then, as one client puts it, “make it sexy”. With powerful content you’ll feel:

  • More in control of your marketing
  • Powerful and confident about your business
  • Connected with your core genius work
  • Proud of how effectively you draw in new customers
  • Energized by your own message
  • Ready to conquer the world

Does that sound like what you’re looking for?

If you’re ready to take on your content writing in a meaningful way and rock out to all your ideal people, schedule a free Marketing Clarity call today. We’ll discuss your goals and dreams for your business and which solutions will be your best fit for an amazing year in business.

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