Cool Idea: Printing on Post-Its

Post-Its aren’t just for handing out as freebies with your logo on it! Check out what this smart marketing is doing: printing on the whole post-it pad, attaching it to a poster and using the post-its as take-away information sheets!

This beats the rip-away tags you usually see, since it keeps your poster clean and intact without the rips you get from the other method. It’s essentially a really cheap way to hang up a brochure stand! A very cool concept, especially if there’s a specific promotion/event you’re trying to get out or a special website you want people to visit. It’s always good to make remembering information easy for your audience.

I did some very quick searching and found out that Vistaprint will print up 5 pads for $15 plus shipping.  Not too shabby for a small business just wanting to get the word out.  You could make those go further by pulling each pad apart into halves and putting each half on a poster too.

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