Create an Easy Privacy Policy for Your Website

Generate_Free_Privacy_Policy_Small_BusinessThe Better Business Bureau (BBB) requires its member businesses to disclose on their website any information they collect, with whom it is shared, how it can be corrected, how it is secured, how policy changes will be communicated and how to address concerns over misuse of personal data.

This basically amounts to creating a Privacy Policy. While it might sound scary, privacy policies can be easy and simple to generate for most small businesses. In fact there are several great free resources that will provide you with a policy in just a few minutes!

Bare in mind, while these options will work for most small businesses, these are not 100% legally rock-solid as a legal consultation would be in your area. If you deal in extremely private information over your website such as social security numbers, medical information, etc I advise you seek legal counsel to create your privacy policy.

If you sell designer lunch boxes, plumbing services or act as a pilates trainer you should be fine with the following options:

Proposes to complete a privacy policy in under a minute. This is the one I’ve used and it’s the recommended Web Tool of 2012. The good news is it also offers forms for creating Terms of Service, Terms and Conditions and a few other goodies. The bad news is this service is only free for the first set of policies you make.

This is a little more in-depth than the previous version, however it has a more detailed privacy policy at the end, too.

A super simple and easy to use form that gets you in and out and done with a policy worth posting to your website in no time at all. Excellent option when you’re in a hurry.

I hope one of these three generators will prove simple and useful enough so that you never run a small business website without a privacy policy ever again!

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