Creating a Time Log

watchHow often do you hear “There just isn’t enough time”? How often does it come from yourself? I’m certainly guilty as charged in this, but I’ve been getting better.

You might be surprised yourself, how much time you can find after a week or two of monitoring your time use.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin in his book Thou Shall Prosper suggests this very thing. By monitoring what you’re doing, for how long, for what purpose for several weeks you’ll start to notice where you can take a bite out of those ‘someday maybe’ things you haven’t had time for.

There will always be special exceptions, but if you haven’t ever performed one of these studies, I highly recommend getting a small notebook and keeping detailed track. Yes that will mean for those few weeks a tiny bit of your time will be ‘writing time/use notes’ but the end result will be worth it.

I can’t tell you how many times people have gone through similar self-studies and been shocked at at least one or two ‘time sinks’.  That extra time could be put towards picking up that new business skill you need or developing a marketing plan. All in all it can mean a more efficient, less stressed you.


Give it a try.

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