Creative Christmas Customer Appreciation

unique_christmas_ideas_louisvilleChristmas is by far the largest holiday where companies remember to send some sort of thank you to their customers. With the growing drive towards non-religious, multi-cultural politically correct Christmas cards, it can feel like a mine field. Do you go with the traditional Merry Christmas and risk offending people of other faiths? Do you go with Seasons Greetings or Happy Holidays to avoid the dangers while risking sounding utterly bland? Do you try and go all-inclusive with a whole list of holidays like Merry Christma Hana Kwanzika while sounding a bit strange?

Don’t leave that decision for long. Decide soon because its time to start planning for any holiday cards or gifts you’re planning on sending out!

Here are some unique ideas for holiday well wishing:

  • Phone or Skype Caroling
  • A custom video thank you for each customer
  • Hidden riddles on your website that lead to a free holiday treat (coupon, mailed freebie, etc)
  • Donate money to each customer’s favorite charity
  • Adopt a Salvation Army Angel for each customer
  • A simple handwritten thank you letter
  • A custom cubicle ornament
  • Popcorn tins (at least, these were always my favorite thing to get)
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Free service or course.
  • Free car washes (road salt, ew!)
  • Coal (if you’re trying to send a message heheh)
  • A holiday event for families including a Santa, some games and a movie showing on your projector. Take Polaroid pics for everyone to take home in a custom printed cardboard frame
  • Drop off some snowman-shaped doughnuts
  • Don’t send anything, send cards and other goodies on less celebrated holidays so you stick out.


Hope some of these gave you ideas, good luck and prepare early!


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