Creative Low-Cost Business Holiday Gifts from Local Louisville, KY Businesses

Cheap_Louisville_Gifts_Small_BusinessThe holidays are upon us, whether you want them or not. Even the radio is playing all-day Christmas music now. Can you stand out with your yearly holiday thank you gifts to customers? Here are some ideas you can order from a fellow local Louisville provider: Mackey Printing! Each of these ideas is under $10 per business, so they’re great low-cost options for the budget-minded while still being beautiful!


Ideas for 25 or fewer Business Gifts

Lip Balm

We all get chapped lips during the winter. Why not give a gift people will carry in their purse or keep at their desk all winter long?

Economy Tumbler

A cute cup, especially filled with gummies or chocolates, can be a great gift!

LED Keychain Flashlight

  • Cost: $0.75 x 100 = $75
  • # of Businesses: 25
  • Gifts per Customer: 4
  • Cost Per Customer: $3


Ideas for 50 or more Business Gifts

Wall Calendar

We all need those wall calendars, even if we mostly stick to digital dates these days.

Ice Scraper

Especially useful if your business is car or travel focused.

Travel Post-it Note Kit

Wake Up Classic Travel Coffee Cup

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