Curiosity Marketing

The billboard proudly declared “Start seeing better in a femtosecond.” The logo said “Eye Associates”.  Below in bold letters it read “”

Whomever worked up this ad concept hit my curiosity right on the head. But what’s better, it answered my question with a call to action.  My thought process went something like this: “Huh, What is a femtosecond? I guess I should Google that when I’m at home by a computer. – oh hey wait they have a website called ‘What is a Femotsecond .com’ Perfect, now I know where to go to find out.”

It’s not good to make someone curios and then leave your audience hanging. If you’re going to make them think, make them want to discover THROUGH you. Make it easy to remember how to find out. Make it sticky enough people don’t forget on their drive to work or home.

That’s the trouble with so many ads. They don’t engage the audience with thought. If they do engage, they leave the viewer hanging and therefore ultimately frustrated.

We’re lazy people in a digital age. We’re used to getting what we’re seeking in a few split seconds. If you’re going to make me pick up a phone and call or write down some obscure website with a company name I’ve never heard I’m not going to do it.

So engage your audience. Make them think but also, make it easy and logical for them to find you and discover the answer they sought. This might mean buying an extra web domain like Eye Associates probably did for this campaign, but it’s worth the extra $10.

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