Have you ever owned or worked for a company that was beginning to become obsolete, but wasn’t doing anything to remain relevant? Maybe it’s argued “We’ve always done it this way” or “This is what works” but if the company is faltering, such words don’t ring true any more.

The same is true for marketing and sales.

A popular philosophy these days is that everyone in your company – down to the janitor – is in sales. I can confirm this from an experience I had a few years ago when my car was iced over from a nasty storm. One of my apartment complex’s maintenance people saw me chipping away at the ice and came over with some chemicals to help me out. Guess what? That got my apartment complex a LOT of word-of-mouth referrals.

So when your marketing and sales isn’t working – get EVERYONE to be trained in the new philosophies!

Reward people for reading books, attending seminars, etc. Check out The Lampo Group or Zappos for examples of how they’ve integrated regular learning and development into their company culture.

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