Do You Have a Writing Wing-Man?

I will never forget the moment I was working on an in-house production mailer and I found an unforgivable typo.

The mailer was going out to over 1000 potential customers and required some considerable hands-on folding and sealing.  At the time my company needed such things done in-house and I didn’t much mind as it was good experience.

I have printed over half of the mailers using special expensive stock paper when my boss walked in with a piece in his hand and a storm on his face.  He pointed out I had miss-typed the model number of a HP 5890 GC.  I had labeled it a HP 5980 GC, which didn’t exist.  Since the company repaired this equipment we couldn’t let something so vital go through to potential customers!

To my utter horror, over a day’s work had been lost and had to be done all over again because of a single digit.  It was a miserable time for me and it drove home the deep need for a writing wing-man.  In fact, if possible, find several people who will go over your promotions with a fine-tooth comb.

Don’t waste expensive inks, paper and your priceless time because you’re “In a hurry”.  Do it right the first time; take the extra effort it requires because in the longer run this is far more speedy and efficient that having to re-make entire projects.

Worse, what if something like that got past you and to the customer?  What a way to kill your credibility.  Great promotions need great proofreaders!

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