Doing Great Marketing: Thieneman Greenhouses

b2ap3_thumbnail_greenhouseI’d like to give some big kudos to another Louisville,KY small business, a family business to boot: Thieneman Greenhouses.  Established in the 1960s, this second-generation family business has been serving seedlings, full-sized plants and bulbs from it’s 20-acre nursery property at 9120 Blowing Tree Road, right off Bunsen Parkway by way of a thin gravel road.

So how does their marketing stand up? Well first, it’s a business that located somewhat off-road, meaning it’s got to do a lot of work because location certainly isn’t a selling point! There’s not going to be anyone that randomly drives by and thinks to stop there after all.

Theineman’s operates like many Louisville-based businesses from worth of mouth referrals in large part. Their charming locale, the excellent quality and variety of plants, their quirky red-wagon ‘carts’ and the friendly staff all make for memorable experiences that people share with their friends and families.

Additionally Theineman’s markets with Edible Louisville magazine which focuses on eating local. This mixed with promotions like ‘Mater Days hits their target market of urban gardeners, local chefs and foodies very nicely.

Finally their daughter, the third generation who might just take charge of the business at some point, has been keeping Thieneman’s active and available through a digital presence both via an informative website and social media movements.

This is a local business that’s creating a great blend of exceptional service, products, referrals and target marketing. Great job!

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