Doing it Right: Dollar Shave Club

It’s been a long time since an interruption marketing ploy has caught my attention. Not just as a ‘heheh that’s funny’ kind of way, though this company did. But also in a logical and emotional call to action. Dollar Shave Club is doing so many things right when it comes to marketing I’m not sure where to start but I’ll try.

1)   Targeted marketing: Youtube commercial for a younger audience. My commercial played as a preamble to a humorous news show I subscribe to, fitting so well into the genre that I forgot the Youtube video I was about to watch.

2)   Funny video, strong logical and emotional call to action. Easy to become a member, just $1 plus shipping.

3)   Website is superbly made. Beautiful, with lots of references/testimonials and the same sense of humor pervades. Check out the bottom right hand corner of the website for the “Chairman’s BS Free Seal”

4)   Absolutely clear expectations of what one is ordering. Great photos, great descriptions of the shavers.

5)   Social Media! Not only can you share the video on Facebook, etc, but also many of the websites’ explanation pages.  The blog includes socialized contests and giveaways. They look to be very popular!

6)   Excellent handling of service issues. When I went to  purchase “The Humble Twin” It popped up with a notice about pre-ordering. The notice read: “Better Handles. No Breaky. We love improvement. So we’re halting Humble Twin orders till we get our batch of new handles. August 10th. Deal with it. Drop your mail below. We’ll send you a note when they’re here.”

What I don’t know, what remains to be seen about this company, is if its pricing structure will be enough to sustain it’s business model. But as far as it’s marketing is going, this company has a HIT!

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