Doing It Right: Genius in a Box

b2ap3_thumbnail_geniusinaboxDuring the How-To Festival there were quite a few great food vendors, but one caught my attention the most. That would be Genius in a Box. Every menu item is named after a genius: Tesla, Einstein, Binet, Galileo, Michelangelo, etc.  The food was delicious and the sandwiches and burgers were extremely inventive. It was easy to see why they had a big line!

Another smart deal was their upselling of chips and a drink which was very reasonable for food vendors!

The ‘box’ part of their name comes from the fact each sandwich comes inside a clear plastic box.

The only thing I wish I’d seen was some sort of viral marketing campaign. Either a QR code, business cards linking to their Facebook page or something of that nature. All in all, I wish them the very best and hope to run into more inventive marketing vendors in the future!

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