Doing It Right: Jimmy Johns

jimmyjohnsRead their mini-menu and you’ll see little touches of personality and quirkiness everywhere.

“Established in Charleston, IL in 1983 to add to students GPA and general dating ability”

“Ok, so my subs aren’t gourmet and we’re not French either. My subs just taste a little better, that’s all! I wanted to call it Jimmy John’s Tasty Sandwiches, but my mom told me to stick with Gourmet. She things whatever I do is gourmet, but I don’t think either of us knows what it means, so let’s stick with tasty!” – Jimmy John

Do you have personality and quirk in your company? Why not? What makes customers fall in love?

Now let’s consider another little touch of marketing genius. Jimmy Johns allows you to order boxed lunches to be delivered. You can even do this several days in advance over the internet, giving speakers and trainers time to prepare their catering cheaply and easily. But it doesn’t stop there. Each boxed lunch comes with a mini-menu, so every person catered to with Jimmy Johns becomes an instant prospect!

When you have a captive audience that is falling in love with your product – are you taking advantage of that with an instant take-away marketing device that can turn a prospect into a new customer?

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