Doing it Right: MooseJaw

b2ap3_thumbnail_Blog--Doing-it-Right-MoosejawI’m not a climber, but my brother is getting into the hobby/sport and he asked for a very special training board for his birthday. Enter in a little bit of Google research and finding MooseJaw had the best price on what I needed. The purchasing experience was pretty nice but standard. It was their Thank You at the end that surprised me!

“THANK YOU! Please tell nine friends, two strangers and one person you don’t like all that much about MooseJaw.

Your order number is XXXX. It looks like there was a problem and we were not able to send you your order confirmation email. We will try to send it again right away.

In any case you might want to write down your order number before you leave this page. Please don’t hate us.”

Heh, Please don’t hate us? That’s just so disarmingly… cute.

Plus the humorous nudge to referring friends/strangers to the site is a great touch. It’s a fantastic example both of how to handle errors without being bland and how to ask for referrals in a non-pushy way.

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