Doing it Right: Phantom Fireworks

Sadly, my Fourth of July was bereft of fireworks this year. Although my pyromaniac family and I had purchased hundreds of dollars in early-bird fireworks specials Mother Nature decided to not cooperate.

No, not rain. Drought.

A drought over a month long with no reprieve. There was a burn ban in the rural location we wanted to shoot the fireworks and, with a neighbor’s house completely burning down because of a single spark from their air conditioner, the area was taking fire safety very seriously.

But I’ve never kept fireworks for a full year and while they’re in a safe location, I wondered if the quality would degrade if they sat for that long. So, I posted a question on the Phantom Fireworks Facebook page.

They responded in under a minute.

That’s wonderful connection, fantastic service and the sort of thing I’d expect from the fireworks supply chain I’ve been patronizing for years.

It meant someone at Phantom Fireworks had to empower people to watch and respond on their own volition without hours of red tape and double-checking with superiors. It meant they had to allow employees to be human and connect.

It’s a risk, but the alternative is silence from your customer base instead of the raving fan they have with me. Every time someone asks me where to get fireworks, guess where I point them?

Could they have responded in a day or so and made me happy? Yes. But that would be what I’d expect. Under a minute? That is above and beyond – that is something worth talking about.

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