Doing It Right: Quality Inn

Blog- DoingitRight_DuckieNot all of them do this, but my road-warrior father had to take a picture when this cute set up greeted him at one particular Quality Inn hotel. That’s right: the bathtub came complete with a rubber ducky.

You might decide that’s really not worth talking about, but let me ask you something: How did I find out about it? Because my father took a picture and showed it to everyone he met who wanted to know what was going on in his life. Since his life can get monotonous (travel, work, travel, work) this was a little something that brightened his week. It gave him something special to share with others and it eventually led to me writing about it.

Multiply that by just a dozen smiling customers. Think that might be worth the few extra cents it cost to install rubber duckies in the bathrooms?

That’s marketing being done right. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be worth talking about. This hotel understood what was important about getting a room: feeling content and at home. Sometimes that means a five-star breakfast buffet. Sometimes it just means a rubber ducky.

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