Doing It Right: Really Simple Systems

b2ap3_thumbnail_rsslogoSo I’ve been looking around for a nice easy to use solution for customer management. Like a lot of small businesses I’m mostly going to be using it as a glorified address and notes database, but that still leaves a lot of options.

One of the recommendations (and there are several good ones out there) was Really Simple Systems. So here are a few interesting points about their marketing that we can all benefit from noting and using ourselves.

1) They have won several awards and make sure those are shown tastefully on their site.

2) They have made people so happy with their product and service that they’re being freely recommended by fans – this is great instant clout!

3) Their pricing structure makes it easy (free) to start and then as the service needs go up, there’s a simple affordable tier of pay-for options.

4)  After you sign up you get several personal follow up emails. I’m sure they’re automated to drip into my inbox every few days, but they’re well timed. The first arrived about an hour after I signed up and offers to help with any questions. The next few are reminders of the system’s potential and links to videos and such that give you a “tour”. This is super smart. Keeping in front of your customer means they’re less likely to wander off to a competitor or quit out of frustration. Really Simple Systems is being proactive to ensure any problems can be noted and addressed fast. They’re engaging the customer just enough to make them feel important without feeling nagged.

Overall I’m enjoying the experience so far, which is what we should all be shooting for whether we sell a product or a service. Today, consider writing out some places you could improve your own customer interaction, ease of entry, etc. This is marketing down to it’s roots!

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