Doing it Right: Shalimar

shalimarThere’s a delicious and cheap Indian Cuisine restaurant in town called Shalimar. They’ve been doing very well when a lot of small ethnic restaurants don’t. Why?

Well of course their food quality and price is mind boggling great. But there are tons of delicious, cheap restaurants that don’t survive.

They’ve done coupons and Groupons to get the word out in the city and expose people to their restaurant, but lots of companies do that and don’t survive.

What Shalimar has done is simple, affordable for us all, and ingenious. Every new customer gets a business card with their receipt. On the back is a customer reward chart with stamps equal to the number of meals you purchased. Not just one per visit. One per meal.

A family of four or a big group of friends can easily hit a reward in three or four visits. That’s short-term gain for the customers and repeat business for Shalimar. It also enhances their viral-ness by rewarding bringing more people into their restaurant. You’re earning per-meal after all.

How are you encouraging customers to share their experiences? How are you rewarding those customers who are such big fans they keep bringing in new customers? Build it in, we all love contests we can win.

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