Doing it Right: WHO?Bags

b2ap3_thumbnail_whobagsI had the good fortune to meet with Pamela Stevenson and her fascinating company WHO?Bags International.  Not only are her bags and purses hand quilted and beautiful, but they have a really interesting unique selling point.

We’ve all seen nice handmade purses, but how do you stick out? Is it by having a ‘higher quality’ purse? A unique style or pattern? Is it trying to make them cheaper?

Pam gets this right. Her unique selling point is her WHY. She believes that every woman has a story and she creates bags meant to inspire and celebrate each individual woman. On the inside of each bag is an embroidered quote or saying, so there’s a special word of encouragement every time a woman opens her bag to get her keys or put in a laptop.  It was a very powerful experience getting to talk with her.

Here’s what her card she gave me said:

We are committed to honoring the grace, power and beauty of women. 

We selected the one item carried every day, by women all over the world, the handbag, as the medium to acknowledge the impact women have on their familes and communities.

A WHO?Bag is a handcrafted, fabric handbag, stitched with an inspirational message that tells yoru friend, mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, co-worker or daughter how she makes a difference. Honor with a gift about her. Veteran Owned. Made in America. Made to Touch Her Heart.

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