Doing Marketing Right: Louisville Pure Tap

b2ap3_thumbnail_louisvilletapIf you’ve been a resident for any length of time, you’ve probably learned about the Louisville Water Company’s Pure Tap campaign. I remember when they first started handing out empty plastic water bottles (think Aquafina or Dasani bottles) but instead they had Louisville Pure Tap labels.  The company explained that their water was so pure and so clean that bottled water companies literally bought and used LWC’s water.

Since then this campaign has gained a lot of steam. They’ve done amazing marketing, even going so far as to creating a completely separate website called

If you keep you eye out you’ll seen memorabilia all around the city. In fact, while at the How-To Festival at the Louisville Free Public Library, I found several Louisville Pure Tap coolers set out for gratis drinking.

This unique concept, the consistency with their branding and their participation in various events and programs has certainly burned Louisville Pure Tap into my mind permenantly.

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