Doing Marketing Right: Redbox

b2ap3_thumbnail_redbox-kioskHopefully you’re tried out the Redbox phenomenon. It’s been out long enough that even late adopters like me have given it a shot. There are two major problems with Redbox that anti-Redbox people complain about: 1) Limited Selection, 2) Scratched/skipping DVDs.

I can’t really argue the limited selection problem. Though I see Redbox’s concept as one that will evolve as we drift more and more into a digital-media-delivery world. For now, if you want serious selection and you’re in the Louisville, KY area check out Wild and Wooly Video.

But what about damaged DVDs? It happens, right?

Actually the first time I rented from Redbox the movie stopped working halfway through! I was furious (over the $1 I’d lost!). So I went online and chatted with Redbox customer service.  This is where they went right, in my mind. First, they’re easy to get ahold of, they were very accessible even through an online support chat. They apologized and gave me two free rental codes and marked the DVD so that it would not get released again to another customer, instead it would be picked up for removal during the next maintenance visit to whatever Redbox I dropped it off at.

Again, when I rented another movie, it was damaged. Again, two rental codes.  So for $1 I got 5 movies (2 broken so 3 movies).

Redbox turned what could have been a deal-breaker for me and countless others, into an acceptable inconvenience that made me confident in the product and willing to rent many times more. For the record, since then I haven’t had a broken DVD!

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