Don’t Do Stuff You Don’t Know

It’s tempting to start a new website because of the hype of a new program. It’s tempting to start playing with ‘the latest greatest thing’ in marketing because, heck, it’s cutting edge.  It’s tempting to leap in head first into an area or audience you don’t know how to reach but want to be a part of because, well, they’re so profitable!

Don’t do it.

Just because someone else has made a great profit doesn’t mean you will. It’s not just about following their formula and playing the “Me Too” drum. There’ synergy in what they’re doing.

Most importantly they know what they’re doing.  If you don’t. If you just jump into things because you’re hungry for a profit, desperate for attention and otherwise ignorant and inauthentic: You will fail.

Instead of chasing the success of others, find your own success. Don’t mine a played out gold mine. Go prospect for your own.

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